Artist Series: Nic Goddard Interviews Freshman Nelson Morlock

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Artist Series: Nic Goddard Interviews Freshman Nelson Morlock

Nelson is a first-year student at Earlham. He sings, plays the piano and the violin, and is passionate about songwriting.

What kind of music do you make?

I started off with songwriting when I was around sixteen. My dad’s a musician and I played violin with him so all of the songs I wrote back then were folk tunes— they were all instrumental. This year I started writing lyrics, and I found a well of inspiration that I hadn’t tapped into yet. I’ve been trying to write a song a week since then. I’m still trying to figure out my sound though. There are a lot of genres that I’m interested in, but I don’t fully know what my voice is yet. I’m experimenting with gospel, soul, pop. I think catchy music is what fascinates me most. I want to make songs that are as engaging as possible.

What musical inspirations do you have?

My biggest inspiration is Jon Bellion. I like his music a lot, but the biggest thing is that he produces, sings, and writes all of his own music and it’s all very thoughtful.

How long have you been making music?

I sang in a boy choir when I was younger and played violin with my dad. During my gap year, before coming to Earlham, I recorded an album with my dad. It wasn’t until that real world experience that it clicked for me. I now have more of a desire to practice and play and perform.

Is there anything else you want Earlham students to know about you or your music?

If people want to collaborate, especially singers or songwriters, or if someone has a story that would be good to write a song about, I’d love to collaborate.

Where can people watch you perform or hear your music?

I perform at Katmandu and my Youtube is Nelson Lindy. I try to post a song a week.

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