CIGI Joins the Earlham Community

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CIGI Joins the Earlham Community

CIGI, otherwise known as the Center for Inclusive Gender Identities, emerged as a place
on campus last semester, and quickly assumed its role as a crucial space for Earlham activists and
social justice warriors. Since then, it has hosted numerous events, meetings and parties and has
expanded to be a club, as well as a space. Students have been fighting for its creation since the 2014-
2015 school year when the college shut down the Womyn’s Center, previously located in the attic
of Carpenter. Earlham shut down the space claiming that it was not being used properly. CIGI is

currently based in Hole House with a single convener, Fletcher York, but the organization is mov-
ing towards a co-operative leadership structure. For Fletcher, “CIGI provides a voice to people

who are marginalized based on their gender and creates a safe space to truly be themselves [and]
not have to worry about limiting themselves due to cis men.” He elaborates on CIGI’s role in the
community as “a space and resource for people who experience gendered violence” and a space that
can potentially grow to become an activist hub on campus. Along with CIGI, Hole House hosts
Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE) and Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV [currently not
meeting]) and weekly meetings for Radical Student Union. If you are someone who wants more
information or would like to get involved with any of these organizations, contact Fletcher York at

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