Claudette Roskamp Is Excelling in her Freshman Season

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Claudette Roskamp Is Excelling in her Freshman Season

Earlham College women’s lacrosse mid-fielder, Claudette Roskamp, has broken the record for goals in a season and points in a season.

Roskamp has scored 82 points and 75 goals in 15 games this season. The record for goals in a season was 56 and the record for points was 59, both set by Olivia Wallace in 2018.

Roskamp broke the single-season record for goals on April 6th against Anderson College and the single-season record for points on March 30th against Bethany College.

The Quakers still have one more season game remaining and then they will be in the HCAC playoffs.

She tied the single-goal record in a game this season when she scored 8 goals against Trine College.

The Quakers are 10-5 this season and 4-1 in conference play. They have already surpassed last season’s total wins. In 2018, the Quakers finished the season 5-11.

“This season has gone so much better than expected, I know this is a new program and I wasn’t expecting a lot, but we work well together so it’s good,” said Roskamp.  

Roskamp doesn’t just play lacrosse for Earlham. She also played field hockey in the fall semester. Roskamp is a dual-sport athlete but said she will only play lacrosse next year.

“I love Lacrosse and just really want to put all my focus on that sport,” Roskamp said.

She started playing lacrosse when she was in the seventh grade.

“My neighbor was one of my really good friends and she was playing it and I told her I wanted to play a sport with her,” Roskamp said. “So, we played together but she ended up dropping it and I kept going. Also, three of my brothers play, so I knew I could play it too.”

The Quakers’ next game is on Saturday, April 27th at home against Thomas More.

Photo by Masha Morgunova

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