N.Y. Art Program: Jakob Posti, Junior Studio Art major, Shares His Experience

Thomas Hill Senior Ceramics Major
February 22, 2019
Surly Grrly
February 22, 2019

N.Y. Art Program: Jakob Posti, Junior Studio Art major, Shares His Experience

What internships did you have?
I was in two internships while in
N.Y. The first was with Saya Woolfalk.
She is an installation artist whose
studio was in Manhattan, pretty close
to where I was living. Her art involves
different mediums like video animation,
collage and complex textile costumes
which all come together to create these
amazing immersive environments.
My other internship with Simon Lee

and Eve Sussman who are based in Brook-
lyn. They live in this awesome loft

studio that overlooks the East River.

At the time, they were working on fin-
ishing these two theatrical video piec-
es, so I did a lot of video editing for

them. I also helped Eve create a back-
drop for a dance she had choreographed.

During that time they were also launch-
ing a project on blockchain so I sat in

on meetings about that.

Did you have time to do your own art? If
yes, did New York shape your artistic
Yes, as part of the program all
of the students had to put on an art
show, consisting of work we had created
during the semester. I shot a video
that was a cubist representation of the
city. Many of the students’ sponsors
came to the show, and it was really
cool to talk to a few artists who have

so much experience and get their per-
spectives about my work. Simon gave me

really good feedback about what I had
created, and the visual arts students
had a group critique which I was pretty
happy about.

I think that seeing so much art

in galleries and museums definitely in-
formed my practice. There’s so much to

see and experience in the city that
it’s impossible not to start to pick

up on certain visual trends. My intern-
ships and the studio visits we had for

class also gave me a unique perspective
on different approaches one can have to
their art.
Do you think the program was useful?
What did you gain from it?
It was definitely useful. I feel
much more connected to the work I’m

making right now and a bit more in-
spired. I gained a better perspective

of what it’s like to be a working artist
through meeting with so many people and
I’ve learned what the creative process
can be for different practices.
“Would you recommend this program to
other Earlhamites?”
I would! Something that a lot of
students don’t know is that you don’t
have to be studying studio art to be
in the N.Y. Art Program! There were
literature students who had internships
at publishing companies, music students
who had internships with soundtrack

composers, theatre students, communi-
cations students, and so on. As long

as you want to be paired with a person
or organization that is in a creative
field, you can apply.

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