QUEEN a conversation with victor baker (victoria electric)

Kronos Quartet: Shooting for Utopia
February 19, 2019
Hurdles for New Athletic Director
February 19, 2019

QUEEN a conversation with victor baker (victoria electric)

How did you feel before, during,
and after the show?
I was feeling ready but nervous about
how many people would show and what
the response of the audience would be.

After I thought it went very well and ev-
eryone loved it.

What does drag mean for you?

Drag to me means anyone can ex-
press themselves and show them- selves in the way they want to. Drag is

art and is there for people who want
to express themselves.
How does a drag show add to
Earlham’s community?
I think it adds a lot of joy to the com- munity and that it shows the power
and the art to all the people who want
to learn or experience the performance.

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