Crossword Puzzle

1. Indiana University athletes
2. Poitier
3. Art museum in New York & Bilbao
5. Formerly Cat
6. Makes stringed instruments
7. WNBA star Taurasi
8. Low-quality material supplying a heavy demand
10. 4712 National Rd E
11. 128oz
13. Mitski’s heart
18. Christian garment
22. Materials spread on the surface of the soil
23. 100
29. Nobody puts her in a corner

4. Dick Dale’s 1962 surf rock version of a folk song
7. “By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third
term, if I could”
9. An album recorded by Nina Simone 3 days after MLK’s
12. Rapper 3000
14. Name of this letter Ğ in the Turkish alphabet
15. World population when Jerry Maguire was a kid. Number
of billions
16. Author of Lapvona. Last name
17. “Pansies in Washington” painter
19. 1880s-1940s forgotten neighborhood in Manhattan
20. The Little Rock ____. 1957
21. A Hashemite. Just married
24. Old & cranky
25. Standing still in a basketball game
26. I love you this much. A——and a ——– 27. Cowboy
28. At the base of the skull
Created by Yara Matar 30. Expert in creating and solving crossword puzzles

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