Faculty/Stuff Spotlight: Lailul Ikram

Photo Taken by Zain Hammad

     Known on campus as Ikram, he is a 2012 Earlham graduate with an M.S. from Columbia University and one of two staff on campus who is a UWC graduate. Ikram currently works at Earlham as the Ombudperson and Mediator as well as Assistant Director of Interfaith Initiatives. The community fuels Ikram’s love for Earlham. He describes Earlham as the “most diverse community that I lived in…we know each other very well, and it feels like family.” For him, working with different cultures, religions, and backgrounds has always been his passion. One interesting thing about Ikram is that he was an investment banker before working at Earlham. A quote Ikram shared comes from a Tibetan proverb: “The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.” Finally, Ikram shares a funny experience: “The first time I left the country to go to UWC Singapore, I did not speak English fluently at that time, and I was lost. I saw a person with ripped jeans and a disposable cup of water, and I thought that if I helped this person, God would help me find my ride. Therefore, I gave some money to the person I believed was homeless – it turns out he was the person assigned to pick me up!”

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