Cheers and Sneers

Submitted by various Earlham students

Cheers to….


• Fantastic metal and techno music
• No more rehearsals and practices!
• The gamelan concert
• Celebrating 4/20 with your buddies
• Finding out you actually did better
in a class than you thought you did
• Everyone in Dance Alloy
• Kimchi and winemaking
• Graduation approaching
• Hidden treasures of back campus

Sneers to…


• All the concerts being over
• Saying goodbye to amazing seniors
• The house reapplication process
• The housing lottery
• Long final papers
• Finding out you did worse in a class than
you thought you did
• Losing your phone
• Graduation approaching
• Liberal Karens

CHEER: a noun, a shout of encouragement, approval, or congratulation.
SNEER: noun, a contemptuous or scornful remark.

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