Alumni Spotlight: Bradley Oliver

Graduating Year?


Major at Earlham / other education?

Global Management and Pre-Engineering

One thing you miss about Earlham?

I miss the great community at Earlham. Specifically the friendships and relationships with my professors which allowed me to learn and develop as a person. Earlham is a family and a home. 

Current Job?

Currently I am a student at Columbia University finishing up my industrial engineering degree 

One thing you love about your current job?

I still have a few years to finish my degree but I am pursuing a career in consulting or finance. My favorite part of continuing education is building a new network of professionals and students while learning to thrive in a different environment.

Advice for students?

My advice for students is to be adventurous and try new things. It is okay to branch out and become uncomfortable and fail if it is in the pursuit of achieving your goals. Never doubt your capabilities nor your ability to accomplish your dreams. Learn as much as possible from your peers and mentors because those relationships will become invaluable.

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