Cheers and Sneers

A default photo of sneers and cheers

Cheers to….

  1. Finishing comps
  2. The sunshine! 😀
  3. The number 2 (and 3)
  4. The frequency of Japanese table events
  5. Fancy footwork at parties
  6. Being asked for synonyms when you actually know some synonyms for that word
  7. Free fruits at SAGA
  8. The Earlham Word comeback!

Sneers to…

  1. Someone’s geochemistry class
  2. Globalization 
  3. Indiana wind so strong it blows you away
  4. The number 4
  5. Never knowing if what you’re printing on campus is going to be double-sided or not
  6. Internship application deadlines (scary!)
  7. Stomach bugs!
  8. No MealX for lunch

CHEER: a noun, a shout of encouragement, approval, or congratulation.

SNEER: noun, a contemptuous or scornful remark.


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