Issue 3 Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, 

     It brings me great joy to introduce the third issue of the Earlham Word. This is our first issue without a sole department sponsor. Instead, we received many sponsored advertisements from various departments around campus, including our first ad for a course being offered next fall semester by Ryan Murphy and Viet Trinh. I hope this is the first of many department ads that continue to promote intersection and opportunities for students and departments across campus, which also support Earlham Word initiatives. I hope to see this partnership expand with the Word and departments expand in ways that not only supports the Word, but also supports students in their academic concentrations. An example of this would be the Epic Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity sponsoring a student with an independent study to manage all advertisements and partnerships for the Word, or the Photography department sponsoring a student for a photo editor position. These potential experiences could lead to internships, jobs, and new found passions on and off campus. 

     This issue also presents a wide variety of stories, entertainment and puzzles including, the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, the return of Earlham’s Student Government, music and movie reviews, and the classic crossword puzzle. The Word news team writers and editors have been working diligently through the back end of this spring semester to continue creating content which they are passionate about and grabs readers attention.Our writers are also committed to identifying and questioning the Earlham administration’s role in honoring the institution’s principles and practices in addition to diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. An example of this is Word writer Nathan Rivas’s story on Earlham’s partnership with National Management Resources (NMR). 

     The weather is changing. Graduation is right around the corner. End-of-year papers and other commitments are approaching. During this busy time, I urge all of you to find the many different roses around campus that exemplify the summation of another academic year and enjoy the hard work of your peers. April is a notable month for the visual and performing arts with the senior art show, the upcoming play, and a variety of musical performances. I hope you take advantage of the many opportunities to see your peers’ great work! Thank you, Ferris Odeh 

     “Whether you like it or not the millions are here, and here they will remain. If you do not lift them up, they will pull you down. Education must not simply teach work – it must teach life.” – W. E. B. Du Bois – Editors Note

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