Issue 5 Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

This issue [5] represents more than a newspaper publication. It represents the hard work,
countless hours, and relentless dedication from students and staff to nurture an idea that germinated
into something that reflects immense learning, growth, and shared vision. Issue 5 includes a
variety of content that will encapsulate readers with global, local, and Earlham news, in addition
to entertainment, but I would like to honor and recognize the people behind this content.

To our writers: Nathan Rivas, Jacob Renner, Avin Newswanger, Julian Banks, Omar Aref,
Khalid Kishawi, Hiyori Kobayashi, and Zain Hammad, thank you for the countless hours spent
attending meetings, taking and suggesting story assignments, interviewing, investigating, and
writing incredible content. All of you have grown as respected journalists and your words have
given the Earlham campus and community something to enjoy, reflect on, and discuss each issue.

To our editors: Saki Takizawa, Neon Guzmán, Esther Hale, Ihsan Alaeddin, Joe Potter,
Angel Robert, and Yara Matar, thank you for your dedication to the immense workload you
carried this semester. With your leadership and support, the Word was able to be consistently
published on-time, while ensuring each issue improved with the highest standards and engaged
readers in provoking ways. This was a result of your passion and sacrifice.

A special thanks to: Zain Hammad, Saki Takizawa, and Esther Hale for designing the new
Word logo. Esther Hale, for getting us off the ground by creating and designing the new Word
template. Ihsan Alaeddin and Saki Takizawa for creating and designing the new and improved
Word website from scratch, which is still under development ( Yara Matar,
for working with Earlham Marketing to consistently create engaging and exciting digital content
that visually represents the Earlham community in a personal and artistic way. Neon Guzmán,
for relentlessly proofreading each word that is published to the highest degree. Jo Potter, for
capturing the most unique photos of Earlham’s campus, and for their unmeasured dedication,
commitment, and support in filling in as needed to support the news team. Angel Robert, for
taking on a leadership role in creating and executing systems that improved communication and
logistics within the team. To Jo Swanger for coming up with the idea of bringing the Word back
and supporting us all the way through. To Brian Zimmerman for leading and mentoring the news
team as our faculty advisor in a way that teaches, inspires, and uplifts. To the Computer Science
department, the Office of Student life, Campus Printing, Marketing Department, and all other
departments, offices, and individuals who supported the news team in this initiative!

Another special thanks to our readers for engaging with the Word, giving feedback, and
being the fuel for this ongoing project. See you in the fall!


“Let me just say:
Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.”
-Fred Hampton

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