Senior Athletes Reflect on Time at Earlham

As the semester nears its end, so do athletic careers for senior athletes. Some athletes have strapped on their cleats and participated in their sport for over a decade, including four years at Earlham College. To celebrate the end of the season and their careers, three student athletes have provided us with a quote about their time playing their respected sport as a Quaker.

 of my playing career. The competition, joy, and adversity that comes with being a college athlete has shaped me in a way [that will] cultivate success in my life after baseball. Earlham college made my dream of playing at the next level a reality, and for that, I will always be grateful.”
– Max Fries

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“Playing volleyball for Earlham has been one of the best decisions in my athletic and academic career. I met amazing people that I will remember and remain friends with for the rest of my life. They continued to push me on and off the court, and I could not have asked for better people to be at Earlham with. The coaches were great with guidance whether it was about volleyball, academics or life. I was always pushed to be a better player by the people around me and I would not have chosen any other team to do that.”
– Sydney Fuller

“When making my decision to come to Earlham, I knew I would have the chance to play field hockey at the collegiate level as I earned my degree. What I didn’t know was that I would meet some of my best friends, some of whom I was fortunate enough to share my sport with. Those that weren’t on my team were eager to learn the sport and mess around in our off time. Going to practice was a time to set aside anything that was happening in my life and focus on a bigger picture: improving my skills and supporting my team. Through the highs and the lows, if  given the chance to start over again [my college career] I would still pick Earlham and my team.”
– Guin Schalck

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Photo of Guin Schlack. Provided by Earlham Athletics

“Being an athlete at Earlham is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. It’s amazing how in this small community I have formed friendships to last a lifetime through athletics. The memories of a conference championship, countless dugout laughs, and home run celebrations will be carried with me well past the days

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