Greetings Earlham Community,

The Earlham Student Government (ESG) hasn’t been active over the last year. ESG represents the student body, promotes engagement, facilitates discourse, and builds better communication among the Earlham College community. It’s an essential part of our college, but due to COVID-19 and some other factors, it hasn’t been as effective as it used to be

During the fall semester, all interested students were invited to apply to participate in a revitalization group for ESG. A group was formed that started the process of revitalizing ESG and reconstructing the out-of-date constitution. With the group making progress, first-year student, Meerab Rasheed, and second-year student, Anahit Aharonyan, went to the American Student Government Association in February to consult with professionals, attend workshops, and bring back the resources to support the ESG revitalization group’s efforts.

The constitution draft was sent out in March for students to give feedback. Plus, students had the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns during an info session. After taking all things into consideration, revisions have been made and we have added a bylaws section that will give more structure to the constitution. With those being finalized, we would like to be the first ones to tell you about upcoming elections in the fall of the 2023 academic year. We encourage you all to look into available roles, see what best fits you, and run for office. We hope to see you next year!

Best regards,
Meerab, Anahit, Ahmed, Aruna & Jalen