Farm Initiatives










      The Hill Memorial Greenhouse allows us to start plants year round with potting soil we make from our own worm bins, leaves and other cutting edge ingredients. We also brew compost tea to enhance the beneficial microbes that integrate with the biomes of our plants and soil.

Earth Day Festival
Get your hands in the dirt while air is full of music. Meditate to the sounds of birds and wind brushing through the plants. Taste some fine fresh spring greens from the farm. Learn and participate in our latest no-till and low till techniques for small farm growing.

Heart Market
     Come see us April 14 at 4:30 on the Heart to buy fresh spring greens, onions, and plant starts. The goal for this market is to provide students, faculty, staff the ability to sell any arts, crafts, produce they may create and want to share with the community.

Miller Farm Summer Internship
      Check out Handshake now to get a summer job working on the farm this summer. We sell at the Richmond Farmers Market, host a community garden, raise chickens, make compost and tend to our food forest. Learn to drive a tractor, lead volunteers, and raise an awesome variety of produce.

Pepper Club
      Do you have a taste for spice? Want to grow a special variety of pepper you miss from home? Like to cook, but your friends can’t handle the spice? This group is for all things pepper! …Includes pepper breeding, pepper art, and whatever else we might get into with the 50+ pepper varieties we grow.

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