Secret Spots on Campus

Hidden Greenhouse Lounge

Many students on campus aren’t aware
that Earlham has a greenhouse. The entrance is
towards the back of CoLab behind Dennis Hall.
Once you enter, you’ll find a hallway full of
plants. When you walk to the end of the hallway,
before you reach the double doors, on the left, is
another hidden treasure on campus.
When you enter, you see and hear a beautiful
stream of running water in what seems like a
wishing well. You will find a variety of plants that
cover the room from top to bottom. This room
differs from the other greenhouse rooms because
it is more for showing off diverse flora rather than
potting and growing seedlings.
Towards the back is a nice lounge area, a
great place for escaping the hustle and bustle of
Earlham’s campus. I find that this hidden treasure
is the perfect place for meditating, reading, doing
some work, or having a conversation with a good
friend. Will you be the first to drop a coin and
make a wish?

Photo by Jo Potter

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